North Africa

Our audiences in Maghreb

FRANCE 24 & TV5MONDE, 2 powerful channels in North-African countries:

FRANCE 24 & TV5MONDE are referent channels among managers67% of them watch our channels each week! 

This makes France 24 the 1st international channel in Maghreb, and TV5MONDE the 5th international channel.

About our North African study:

Maghreboscope is a study conducted by Kantar TNS annually in the main cities of:

  • Morocco: Tangier, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech
  • Algeria: Oran, Algiers, Constantine, Annaba
  • Tunisia: Tunis, Sousse and Sfax

4,000 individuals aged 15 and over are interviewed for the entire area according to the quota method (sex, age, education level, occupation of the interviewee). The interviews are conducted face-to-face at the interviewees' homes (a specific focus is made on managers and executives).

Maghreboscope provides accurate audience indicators:

  • Spontaneous and assisted awareness of national and international television channels and local, national and foreign radio stations;
  • Listening habits of both media in general, and by channel and station;
  • Audience of the last period of both media in general and by station/channel;
  • Radio stations and tv channels daily audience;
  • Listening time by radio station/TV channel;
  • Audience share: average audience distribution between channels or stations;
  • Qualification of the audience based on a number of socio-demographic characteristics and equipment.